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"Achche Din" for Jet Airways

24, Apr 2019 By Nachiket Dabhadkar

Amid the continual news about the shutdown of Jet Airways, there is an absolute 180 degree turn in the series of events. The traumatic days of the employees of Jet are finally over.

With the new management on board, it is understood that all of the debts of the company have been cleared and the salaries due to every employee have been transferred to his/her salary account. What more? Each employee also got a bonus of ₹2 lakh each. The management has termed it as ‘Patience’ Bonus.

“I was working like a DOG and was loyal with the company for so many years. Finally, I saw GOD in the new management. I am very happy!” said an emphatic employee, Mr. Rocket Singh as he kissed the crisp ₹2000 notes.

Because of this turnaround, there is a joyous wave among the staff members. “The airline will resume operations in full force in the next seven days. The company has also roped in Amitabh Bachchan and Sachin Tendulkar as its Brand Ambassadors. They will be our faces in both print and TV Media. They will bring our glory days back” One of the senior officials, on the condition of anonymity, told our correspondent, Mr. Phoney D’silva.

The tickets of the airlines have resumed sale on its website and all other travel companies like Fuck My Trip. Jet Airways will also be the Official carrier of the Indian Cricket team for their World Cup voyage to England, beginning next month. The government will also make use of Jet to extradite the fugitive, Vijay Mallya from London.

With this turnaround, it seems that the ”Achche Din” have finally arrived for the airways. When the officials have yet not disclosed the identities of the new CEO and the board members, but our sources reveal us that the airlines will undergo a re-branding and it will be called as ’JIOjet’ Airways!