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Amazon employee gets inspired by amazon ad, bankrupts himself

29, Dec 2016 By slicesofiife

Bangalore. One of the most visible advertisements on TV in recent times has been one Amazon ad where the husband gets a bonus, he tells his wife she can buy anything she wants as ultimately it does not matter who buys a gift for themselves. But the good wife buys husband a camera as he wanted it with the tagline – jab tum itni mehnat karte ho, toh adjust kyun karte ho.

How I wish my bank balance would also keep adjusting as and when I need
How I wish my bank balance would also keep adjusting as and when I need

Inspired by this emotional ad, an Amazon employee from Bangalore, Rohit Sinha, who works as IT infrastructure engineer in the company went on a shopping spree on his own company’s website. Rohit, whose work hours stretches to 15 hours a day in a good week, decided to splurge on himself as he realized he works too hard and thus deserves to do no more adjustment about his whims. Problems arose when Rohit maxed out his credit card & filed for bankruptcy with the Income Tax department. When we tried to contact his colleagues, they said he really thought the ad was meant for everyone including company employees as he has missed the circular about ad being targeted to people to massage their ego as hard-workers who shouldn’t skip on little joys of life, especially if those little joys are available on Amazon.

Last we heard is that these days, Rohit is spending longer hours at his office as because of his new found predicament he doesn’t have money to eat, so he tries to get by on whatever they are serving at Amazon office.