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Amazon raining with return orders of OnePlus 5

15, Jul 2017 By alien4dec

Mumbai: Banning Chinese products are picking up on the social media with the increasing tension between Indo-China relations. The first such moment started yesterday with customers returning their OnePlus 5 back to Amazon.

Banning Oneplus 5 is not restricted only to India but globally all Indians are boycotting any product which is ‘Made in China’. Overnight One plus 5 sale has dropped to shattering earth, leaving heavy losses for the company, distributors and retailers.

Look, I am a true patriot hence, can't buy any Chinese product! Please take back this One Plus phone.
“Look, I am a true patriot hence, can’t buy any Chinese product! Please take back this One Plus phone”, customer explains.

Describing the ongoing campaign in India, Rahul Gandhi said, “To boycott Chinese goods is a short-sighted political interest. Politicians are misguiding the youth. Instead, our politicians need to decide whether they want to pursue short-sighted political interests that hurt Indian consumers or pragmatic economic engagement with China that can benefits mutually”.

“Besides, these trade barriers and boycotts cannot be sustained for the simple reason that Indian consumers would be hard pressed to find any everyday products that don’t include Chinese elements. Further, cost effective Chinese goods help rein in inflation and benefit low-income Indian consumers”.

Whereas, Baba Ramdev has welcomed the move and has started flooding the market with ‘Patanjali Smartphone’ as part of  ‘Swadeshi social media movement’. News about retailers in India selling Chinese products under false ‘Made in India’ labels are also reported in order to avoid further losses.

Boycotts and anti-China sentiments has led to deter Chinese firms from investing further in India. At various public places, Holi bonfire of Chinese apparels, décor items, electronics from LeEco, Lenovo, Huawei, Haier, Xiaomi, Honor and Oppo were seen.

Late evening, anti-Chinese group attacked the fine dine restaurant ‘Mainland China’ protesting against Chinese food. As a precautionary measure all dragon stalls selling Chinese have stopped the sale and transformed into chaat stalls, serving Dhoklas and Khandvis. Angry mob even attacked the ShopCJ’s home shopping channel, but later on it was clarified those chinkis were Koreans and not Chinese.

There seem to be no end to Chinese bans and phobia. To avoid loss of job and safeguard from anti-Chinese mobs, Nepali Gorkhas at many housing societies have even tattooed ‘Momos’ on their hands.