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Amazon starts selling trains and spaceships online

14, Jun 2017 By Satire Creator

If you have a smartphone with an internet, chances are that you know Amazon. Starting with books, Amazon has increased its portfolio to arguably selling everything under the sun that can be sold online. However, not content with the current scale of operations, the CEO has recently spoke to FakingNews in an interview that he is planning to sell spaceships and trains online.

Amazon delivery boy bringing spaceship seat to a buyer
Amazon delivery boy bringing spaceship seat to a buyer

SpaceX and Indian Railways were the two most happy faces with this piece of news. While SpaceX is busy calculating the amount of time saved by not having to build his own spaceship, Indian Railways is just happy that Amazon offers free maintenance for accidental damages.

What’s more, Amazon has decided to give a 20% off on select credit and debit cards as an introductory offer. Indians have welcomed this move and are looking forward to form a strategic alliance with Amazon. Groupon has already started listing additional coupons that can be used to get further discounts.

During an interview with Amazon representative, FakingNews learnt that the trains sold to Indian Railways would don stone-proof glasses. Amazon has gone to the extent of claiming that if anyone can break the glasses, they’ll be provided free passes for train rides for the rest of their life.

To counter Amazon’s move and to stay relevant to the ever-changing consumer market, Flipkart has started devising similar strategies. However, we at FakingNews predict that once they adopt this move, it’ll just be a matter of time that Flipkart would have to use its entire capital to buy the products and register itself as a seller with Amazon.