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Apple launches new bloodlock feature in its coming iPhone X blood edition

10, Oct 2017 By Abhishek Anand

Apple which has been known for its innovative ideas in mobile tech is planning to reveal a cutting edge feature in its new model of iphone x. The new edition has been named as blood edition.In an interview with Tim Shooks, CEO Apple confirmed that this feature would revolutionize the encryption and security features in iPhones.It will provide the most secure way to login to your device.

In the international press confrence held in cupertino,United States, Mr. Shooks mentioned that they have been constantly receiving complaints from engineering background students regarding misuse of their phones to message random girls in their contacts list.After this update there will be no more such incidents.

Practicing the new feature
Practicing the new feature

A particular query came from computer science student of MIT aka Modi institute of technology that after 3 vodka shots their friends used the thumb to unlock the newly purchased iphone 8 to message others in his batch.This was an embrassing situation and became quite a hectic task to deal with the last night mishap.But after the recent announcement from apple he says this feature will be a blessing for him although he agreed with the fact that he may have to sell his remaining property to upgrade to the latest model, but like other apple aficionado he has no other option.

This feature would allow the users to secure their phone by their blood and would open only when the drop of blood from the user’s body touches the screen.Every time you have to use blood to activate the lock screen.This would provide most secure lock password in the world till now and applle takes the credit for the new invention.

The buzz about the new feature is very strong among the apple fanatics and only time will tell how much successful would this device be.In India the speculated price for the new blood edition series will be kept around 2lakhs only.Apple will be providing free wireless earphones also in just 2 lac price only.Additional food and nutrition subscription will also be required as user’s will be losing blood each time they unlock the phone.hence apple would utilise this chance to start new service called iFood in selected cities of world including bangalore and New can visit to register for the purchase.