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Brawl breaks out after a shopkeeper in Bangalore refuses to accept 10 toffees instead of 10 Rupees from a buyer

03, Sep 2014 By Ramnish Kumar

A strange situation arose in a posh society of Bangalore when a shopkeeper refused to accept 10 toffees instead of 10 Rs. from an IT professional who wanted to buy a coke. The buyer broke into an argument with the shopkeeper which eventually turned into ugly spat.

Can only be given, not accepted.

The visibly upset young guy told the Faking News reporter that for last ten days he used to buy a biscuit which costs Rs 9 from the same shop and every time he used to give Rs. 10 to shopkeeper. The shopkeeper who earlier didn’t bother to return Rs. 1 used to return an unnamed toffee from assorted collection to him which he kept on accumulating.

On realizing the fact that now he has 10 such toffees he thought of buying something from it. He tried to first get a coke from those toffees but on being refused he offered to take the same 9 Rs. biscuit for those 10 toffees. Still the shopkeeper refused and asked for cash instead of toffees. This has really hurt him.

On being asked what will be his next course of action the IT professional told that he is considering going to consumer forum and will start an on-line petition against such shopkeepers who refuse to accept toffees instead of money. He said he is quite sure he will get good support from the fellow citizens of Bangalore.

Faking News will keep a close eye on the developments in this case and keep you updated.