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customers' cry for cut in veggies' rate

30, Nov 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Onions ogle, peas peek, tomatoes tack and potatoes punch in the retail vegetable market. These are essential things for every kitchen but remain beyond common man’s reach.

Its hiked prices have even prostrated the politicians who find no far-reaching solution against the rising prices of such must items. They were answering the challenging queries day in and day out. But their logic has dried out on the inflationary situations.

One leader expressed his helplessness in putting control over the vertical upward trend.

What a queer matter indeed it is! New baffling questions were approaching before them and they evade their answers on vegetables’ prices on purpose.

This year looks like a repeat of the year of 2015 when one kilogram of reddish or pinkish onion had touched the retail rate of Rs 80 by the year-end.

If we take into account this city’s suburb prices for onion it comes between Rs 60 and Rs 40. One retailer even reacted it was too good to sell the onions at the higher rates. For it helps the vendors to at least easily vend the item. The purchasers prefer to buy it at an increased price. It could be unbearable for the common man but the hiked price facilitates us adequately.

Then, it becomes quite clear that we have been entangled in the seller’s market. Why are we given a dose of less supply than the normal, pushing up the prices? uphold several people.

Fresh varieties of onions, potatoes, tomatoes and peas were still far from consumers’ our reach. The price settles on distinct quality of vegetables.

If usually used vegetables such as onions, green peas, potatoes and tomatoes are of not so good quality; these are being offered on not as much of high retail price. There lazes this symptom in the retail market.