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Decision of the employee not to give fake smile, leaves him in tears

02, Oct 2016 By Nripendra Trigunayat
Smile is a precious ornament. But fake smile is just too shady.
“Smile is a precious ornament. But fake smile is just too shady.”, believes Sagar

Well it all started this morning when Sagar refused to give a fake smile when asked by his team lead in the morning scrum. (Sagar was just not ready to give fake smile to fellow developers.) As soon as the scrum finished, the event was reported to the managers by Sagar’s team lead.

The event was treated with extreme caution so that no other employee of the company would get a hunch about the situation. Soon Sagar found himself attending one-to-one meetings with the managers. Even the HR’s of the company took a shot at Sagar. The situation got so tensed that the director of the US-based company booked the next flight to India and had his round of discussion with Sagar after which he was sent to the quarantine. Seeing all this in one day left Sagar in tears.

Somehow our correspondent managed to get in touch with Sagar and this is what he had to say “They are beasts, I just didn’t wanna smile”. After this, we got in contact with the HR in charge of the matter and asked what would be the further course of action against Sagar. To this, the HR replied, “As per the company protocols, Sagar will be sent to a rehab centre where we will make sure that he learns as well as gives a fake smile properly whenever required.”

By NRI_Subhro