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Earthly existence orbits on cash

10, Nov 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: ‘How are you?’ asked one acquaintance to another. Replying to his normal question the other man said that he was quite alright. Then he moved on the matter related with the progress in his business. This was the main point of the conversation between those two like-minded persons meeting on the occasion of a marriage party at a Lawn here. They were engaged in the customary conversation as if this meeting was taking place after a long time. However, this was not just the matter. The businessmen generally talk like that and give much value to even the trivial points. They do not hold the conversation with one another without any interest.

It is a general tendency among the business circles that the businessmen always weep in deep anguish over slow nature of the business. Just like this manner that businessman also let his acquaintance know of his poor recovery in the payments against the dispatched supplies. Going a little further he stated how one could continue one’s business in absence of timely recovery. Although he was expressing his agony towards outstanding amounts yet his spending never remained lesser like have-nots. This contrast constantly lingers around the businessmen’s considerations.

It appears that the businessmen show their frequent fear in regard to their income and create an atmosphere of confusion all the time. This looks like the same tendency which forbids the government employees from living a lavish life. The businessmen suppurate over the paucity of liquid money while the employed persons languish for enough facilities year after year. In a way, love for money does not end in their respective likings. This is what has been negated by our great souls as they are found rejecting the intense love for money and live a simple living. But who does care to grasp this moral science in one’s precious life?