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Exhibition disillusions day-trippers

16, Oct 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: What the people generally expect at the exhibition is commodities’ moderate prices put for sale at different stalls. If they are getting the same discounts available at the open market, there is no purpose of visiting at such fair. It seems that the fairs and exhibitions are no longer attracting the people these days. The publicity remains much but the presence of the purchasers is somewhat little. That’s why the public showed more interest in receiving a pain relieving massage after a round at the stall selling the appliance and the little children showed proclivity in sliding the Mickey Mouse.

Although there was a photo session for the noble political persons in traditional multi-coloured turban yet the public seemed little interested in their very august presence in the exhibition area. There were constant assertions of discounts on various announcements. However, there were not enough crowds at the counters in straight rows. The price factor has an aversion to such expositions as stated several adding that varieties were not brought by the sellers who appeared uninterested. Purchasers were courteously invited while a few sellers were in dry, dull mood at the exhibition held at a sprawling space here.

The way the well-furnished malls are pulling the crowd is not seen at this fair. The visitors think if they are bound to pay the same price for the selected purchases there is no use of going to distant, open-air exhibition site. It is far considerate to go to the air-conditioned malls. Even they will found themselves safe from dirt and other disorders in the closed spacious environment. Though the cycle-borne mosquito repulsive smoke was released yet the unbearable smoke made the visitors run to and fro. The people were laying their hands upon the stalls selling footwear, shirts and the pretty decorative items.