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Finance Minister Arun Jaitley blames UPA II for his piles problem

12, Nov 2018 By rakesh dulles

In a shocking revelation today finance minister Arun Jaitley blamed UPA II fo his piles problem & suggested that his years long piles problem was due to Iftar dinner he had attended during UPA II.

What has Congress done in the past 60 years?
What has Congress done in the past 60 years?

While answering questions in his press conference on his rift with RBI, country economy & bad loans problems after chairing FSDC (Financial Stability and Development Council) meeting, he attributed bad loan problem to UPA II & outbursted previous government for bad state of economy, banks NPAs, bad loans, jobless growth, rising fuel prices, falling rupee etc. He categorically denied his or government’s any role in the problem economy is facing and blamed UPA policies and its decades long rule for all of these. While answering question to a journalist he revealed not only country but he was himself a victim & his years long piles problem was due to UPA policies. He further added that though he was working hard but it had affected his performance as a finance minister and during yesterday FSDC meeting with RBI governor he had gone through lot of pain.

This is to inform that during Ramadan UPA government used to host all party IFTAR dinner. Members from both houses, ruling parties and opposition were used to be invited. This was one of popular gesture during UPA regime, mostly hosted by UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi, a common practice which was one among many practices stopped by current government.

Jaitley didn’t elaborated if his problem was due a particular ingredients or recipe. Usually UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi and his team used to take special interest in hosting Iftar dinner & its menu creation. Even some of dishes were personally selected by Sonia Gandhi herself  & if any foreign origin dish (Italian, pasta etc.) resulted in his suffering, blames lies with Sonia Gandhi foreign origin, an election issue effectively used by BJP in past and could also become a big issue in upcoming election. A note sent to congress party remained unanswered while going to press.