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As fire leapt out chicken roasted

13, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Recently a two-storey building in a locality caught fire due to short circuit. In a swift way to douse the initial flame of fire within the generator, someone poured water which took a worse shape of the blaze within seconds. As a result, the people trapped inside the building started running outside with a sharp cry. However, a few were still entrapped into the first floor of the not-so-open building. As the smoke was oozing out fiercely, the people in the vicinity ran for immediate help.

Amidst this nervousness and noise, a chicken dealer thought of taking advantage of this leaping and blazing conflagration. Picking up a few pieces of the peeled off chicken the seller threw them into the fires. It started getting roasted with the higher flames rising into the building. Looking at this view the entrapped men on the first floor tried to jump down anyhow and obtained the roasted chicken. Although they appeared intensely fearful of the fire yet they did not miss the golden opportunity of savouring the roasted chicken. With the help of people residing in the vicinity, the fire was nearly doused and there were not enough losses.

The most satisfactory thing was that no human life was endangered. Everyone was safe and sound. Whatever dying flame of fire was visible was doused by the fire brigade men. It was all happened in the afternoon. The electricity supply was cut after a few minutes. There was no fire extinguisher in the building. This was the biggest laxity, said everyone. It can be said that the fire was doused with the same forcefulness as it was spread into the building. The fire appears tolerable only when one shivers with coldness or needs the flame for cooking eatables. Otherwise, it is never supportive for the human being.