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Flipkarts bird delivery system launched in reply to Amazon's drone delivery

23, Aug 2014 By mahmood tariq

Bangalore. After Amazon’s drone delivery testing to roll out soon in Mumbai and Bengaluru, Flipkart is planning on unveiling a brand new CHOP delivery system (crow hawk owl pigeon delivery system) for its customers.

Launching in 15 cities with a fleet of 2 lakh birds it will not only give these birds a purpose in life but also a VRS scheme and retirement policy. Secret logistic training was already going out for first batch of these birds in the outskirts of Bengaluru Flipkart headquarters from last 2 months.

Key features of adopting this service are:

* ultra cheap investment compared to the 20k per piece of amazon drone. * these birds already have a very thorough idea of the cities they will be flying in. * nearly no maintenance cost required. * supply of birds way excess with respect to demand ..this will keep the wages low for these delivery birds. * no need for lunch or dinner arrangement as these are trained to get food by themselves. * rocky s and manish melhotra will be designing the special uniforms for the birds * crows will comprise of the normal deliveries pigeons will be part of the premium class delivery service and hawks will comprise of the express delivery. * special night delivery plan will involve use of owls too. * Each of these delivery birds will be fitted with gps trackers to track their movements and for post analysis. * co op delivery involving multi birds for one delivery will ensure even heavier packages to be delivered also .. currently the number stands 95 % of the all flipkart products are covered with this delivery system. * even if wrong packages get delivered people will just either say “oh man thats so freaking cool “or “awww a bird delivering my package”.

Sachin Bansal CEO Flipkart said to media, ” Pigeons delivering letters concept has been there from ages. Even Salman Khan sent his love letter to Bhagyashree with the help of his pigeon in maine pyar kiya , So we are doing nothing new. Its just taking a step back for the step … way forward.”

While Amazon’s CEO is reconsidering the drone delivery system, there are unconfirmed reports of possibilities of his service being hindered by the birds being trained in combat too.