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Fresh currency notes brighten days

23, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The currency notes we bring in daily use are issued by the Reserve Bank of India from time to time. Whenever this apex bank finds the necessity of releasing fresh notes it makes necessary officially permitted arrangements for its issuance in different denominations. Lately, we received the new currency notes of the denomination of Rs 2000 and Rs 500 respectively. We might get a new currency note in the denomination of Rs 200 though no official confirmation about its authenticity came from the responsible authorities as the reports suggest.

However, it is gathered that the new batch of currency notes with the denomination of Rs 20 is to circulate in the market. Although the older series will continue to stay as the legal tender yet the new under Mahatma Gandhi series-2005 will be released with the signature of the Governor, Reserve Bank of India. Of course, the new notes will be released with the inset letter ‘S’ in both number panels. The design of the new notes will not be changed in any way and will remain the same as the ones released with the inset letter ‘R’ in September 2016, as reports informed.

One after another the new currency notes are being issued for the ease in transactions. It is after demonetization the new series currency notes are being released from time to time. Even a new batch of banknotes with the inset letter ‘A’ in both the number panels bearing a signature of the Governor, Reserve Bank of India with the printing of the year 2017 on the reverse in continuation of currency notes of Rs 500 is being issued. What we, the common people in the country, come across is the new currency of Rs two thousand and also will be able to see fresh currency note of Rs two hundred in the future days.