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An IT guy promoted to CEO’s position for having public speaking and leadership skills better than the incumbent CEO

29, Sep 2016 By chintanwrites

Bangalore. In an event which shocked the whole corporate world, an IT guy who was Technological lead in a leading IT firm was promoted to the CEO’s position. This happened after a few members of the board of directors noticed his public speaking and leadership skills in an event, and recognized these skills to be far better than the incumbent CEO of the company.

Pawan always ready for speech
Pawan always ready for speech

Exuberant and lively Toastmaster Pawan Sharma told the News reporters, “I joined Toastmasters Club so that I can write something in my resume. Back then, I had no idea of where it could take me. First, Toastmasters took me to different corporate offices as I attended each and every Officers Training Program and judges training program. Then it provided me with an opportunity to showcase my talent to my bosses. Now I feel all the money that I thought I wasted, $380 ((20 + (($36*2)*5 years) =380) to be exact, has been put to great use. I would definitely recommend everyone to join Toastmasters.”

Pawan Sharma was the Master of ceremony of an event hosted by his firm. The event was the annual award ceremony where all DC heads, CEO, CFO, CTO, and UFO etc. were in the audience. They noticed the confidence with which Pawan handled the event and juxtaposed his performance with the company’s CEO who also gave a not so inspiring speech. After the event, one of the DC heads told the reporters, “We have amazing talent in this firm, people are buzzing with confidence and our management should see their talent and recognize them. This is not happening though. After this event, I will make sure the talent gets its due.”

While this news has brought new wave of excitement and zeal to youngster, who always thought that they can do a better job than the people sitting at the top; this news has also provoked many CEOs to shut their Firm’s cooperate Toastmasters Club. Many clubs have been shut down and others have been converted to community clubs, having their meetings outside of their office premises.

Toastmaster International has recognized Pawan’s achievement by reimbursing him with $380 and lifetime free membership to any Toastmaster Club across the globe. Pawan, now a household name, has achieved this feat only after 3 years of joining his firm and 5 years of joining Toastmasters.