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Indian Government recommends Alu Bhujiya as low cost pesticide for crops

16, Jun 2015 By geesundar

After the startling declaration by US FDA that Haldirams’ Alu Bhujiya contains pesticides, the Indian Government has recommended the usage of Alu Bhujiya as low cost alternative to the currently used pesticides for crops.

Announcing the new decision to the media, a spokesperson of the Government said, “The Indian Government is committed to providing low cost solutions to various problems facing our citizens. The cost of pesticides has long been a major problem for farmers across the country. Alu Bhujiya at 5 Rs per packet will go a long way in solving this issue. Alu Bujiya packets will be provided by the Government under the Advani Jan Bujiya Yojana scheme.”

Opposition Leader Rahul Gandhi however has brushed this decision aside, as another step by the Government to help in the dwindling sales of FMCG companies and called the move anti farmer and pro-business.

It is to be noted that as part of these low cost alternatives, the Government had earlier provided Maggi packets to the pencil making industry as a source of lead few weeks back and had been well received by the pencil making industry.