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Indians request Oxford to come up with new set of adjectives to be used for real-estate ads

26, Jan 2016 By gayupotter

Mumbai. Vocabulary experts and word aficionados from all over the country have recently sent out an e-mail to the Oxford University Press requesting for a list of new adjectives to add to the dictionary. This came as an urgent plea from commuters all across India since they felt their brain dulling by looking at the same old mundane superlative phrases on billboards.

Such ads are so irritating.
Such ads are so irritating.

“Just like brushing teeth, looking at real-estate ads is an everyday activity. Everywhere you turn, you only find real estate advertisements plastered legally or illegally as hoardings! And the same old words again and again.. I can feel my brain rusting!” said Uma, a resident of Chennai who spends most of her day commuting by public transport.

“I really am quite fed up with these ad. I don’t know if any change on the adjective list will make a difference. It’s really going to our heads. Recently, I heard my husband murmuring these words in his sleep: ‘world-class facilities’, ‘luxurious residences’, ‘excellent locality’, ‘heart of the city’. I mean, what is this?”, said Kamala from Hyderabad.

A sudden outburst in social media even led to a campaign being created on where 20 lakh citizens have already signed the petition to either ban the ads or get more words added to the approved dictionary.

“With everything being termed the ‘best’, nothing seems believable anymore!”, says English expert and grammar Nazi Vish from Mumbai. We can only hope that change is near and quick measures are taken by the Oxford press to save our country before it gets devoured by mundaneness.