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Kidney market surges after iPhone 8's expensive secrets leak

12, Feb 2017 By chetna chauhan

New Delhi. People who haven’t sold their kidney yet have started looking for options to obtain the best price. This trend began after the internet was flooded with reports about the features of upcoming iPhone 8. Twitter did not remain untouched from this current wave and hastag #organsforsale is trending since morning.

Man who already has sold his one Kidney for iPhone 6
Man who already has sold his one Kidney for iPhone 6

This news has turned out to be a path-breaking event in the history of mankind. People worldwide have come together to pray for those who have already sold the kidney & looking forward to sell other organs. In fact, the neighborhood aunties who are always talking useful things behind the back of people, kept two-minute silence for those who sold kidney for iPhone 7. Apple prices are already as high as 120 Rs/kg in New Delhi and no wonder that the apple product, iPhone 8 will have high price too.

The market for Valentine’s greetings and gifts picked up after couples were reported to admit that Valentine’s week is the right occasion to shower love on their partner and get a kidney in return. Engineering students who claimed to be single and happy have started looking for “true love” desperately than ever as reported by our source. Marketplace websites OLX and Quikr experienced a boom in ads for used human organs in the last two days. The shares of a company that makes iPhone 8 covers also showed a lifetime high. The new flip covers are compatible with any phone including the Chinese mobiles. While talking to FN, Reserve bank governor Mr Urjit Patel said, “These signs are good for the economy. Economic growth is likely to pick up as opposed to the recent speculations made by RBI”.

Medical science and research organizations globally have become conscious to this trend. People are constantly demanding to develop a technique so that brains can also sell like kidneys. This is because of the likelihood that unused organ like brain will fetch more money than the used organ.

FN tried to reach the marketing team of Apple India but they could not answer us. A source told FN that they are busy making strategy of cashback offers on hospital bills for kidney operation tieup.