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Man found pretending to be peeing for over 5 minutes as boss was still lingering in the wash room

28, Mar 2017 By Beer & Biryani

Hyderabad: Navroop, 28 year old software engineer, spent one of his toughest times in office washroom when he ended up pretending to be peeing for over 5 minutes after the regular 11 AM coffee break.This incident happened in a reputed software company, and has ever since raised eyebrows of subordinates across Indian IT companies.

He is so used to of even washroom smell
He is so used to of even washroom smell

Speaking to Faking News, Navroop said, “I personally don’t encourage unnecessary chat with boss, that too in washrooms. I don’t like the idea of committing to things while I’m in the process of relieving myself. What happened on Friday was something I had never anticipated.”

“I thought I would have to wait for a few more seconds after I was done, but when I looked sideways, he was still combing his hair. I decided to continue being in my position. More than a minute had passed. After a quick glance again, I found that he was applying water to his hair and staring out of the window.”

“The next time I saw him, he was humming a Rajesh Khanna song while appreciating how handsome he was. I had flushed the commode thrice by this time. To my surprise, he left the room rolling a key chain around his index finger”, ended Navroop as he left the office for the day.