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Man gets a job from LinkedIn job postings; Naukri and Monster both offer CEO's job to him

05, Apr 2019 By RT

Mumbai. Man of mid forties, Mr. Hiremeth, had recently landed in a job having applied from the LinkedIn website. He almost fainted when 2 more appointment letters shortly followed, asking him to join as CEO at Naukri and Monster, it is learnt by Faking News.

From Salesman to CEO
From Salesman to CEO

“If he can make LinkedIn work for him to get a job, he can help millions get jobs from our portals”, the spokespersons from the leading job portals told in unison.

When contacted by our reporter, Mr. Hiremeth said “See. My name is Hiremeth. ‘Hire Me’ is part of my name. Despite the unique name, LinkedIn job posters never used to respond to me. I even changed my name to Hireme1000th, after my 1000th job application from LinkedIn. I guess it was somewhere around 2500th application, I got a call from a recruiter and finally landed in this job”

Neither LinkedIn nor Microsoft offered a comment on this development. Naukri and Monster now are thrilled by the announcement by Mr. Hiremeth on his proposed new name prior to joining one of them for the top title. The ‘Hire Me’ portion of the name will be changed to ‘Hire You’ and soon we will see either Naukri or Monster led by Mr. Hireyouth, it is learnt by Faking News. #jobsearch #linkedin