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MTDC sacks cook after food at one of its resort found to be actually tasty

21, Jul 2014 By dippy

Bhandardara: A special panel setup by Maharashtra Tourism Deveopment Corporation after growing number of compliments by guests on food served at its resort in Bhandardara has held the cook guilty who has been sacked with immediate effect.

Sources in MTDC told Faking News that an SOS meeting was held with the kitchen staff who were warned of similar fate if they were found to be preparing lip smacking dishes at the resort as part of Corporations policy.

MTDC is embarrassed.
MTDC is embarrassed.

Saawan Kumar, a Nepali cook had recently joined MTDC’s Bhandardara resort as a cook specialising in North Indian and Chinese dishes.

“Last month our cook reported sick in his native place and so we had to hire Saawan. We were expecting him to cook uninspiring dishes like the ones we serve at our other resorts. But in the last three weeks, we found strange never-heard-before compliments from our guests in the feedback register. Statements like ‘dal khichadi was awesome’ and ‘hope I had two stomachs’ started pouring in,” said Vinashak Patil, manager of the resort.

Vinashak said that he could not resist but take up the matter to his superiors after a couple who visited them to celebrate their first marriage anniversary enquired about the cook and tipped him Rs. 200 for the dinner.

“We were used to guests cribbing about the over oily and spicy food we served all these years. There was a point when our pulao, biryani and fried rice all tasted the same with no guest able to eat more than five spoons of any of these dishes,” he said.

Senior bureaucrats in charge of MTDC suspecting it as a possible act of sabotage in no time constituted a special panel and despatched it to the resort undercover. “It has taken us years to earn this badwill err.. goodwill. Can you imagine the amount of pressure we will be in if our guests started demanding tasty food at other resorts citing dishes served in Bhandardara? We had consciously followed IRCTC in this matter and made food quality and taste both below average. Guests over the years stopped expecting from us and that went to our favour. Now no one criticises our food because a guest knows about the poor quality before he enters into any of our restaurants,” said Nandkishor Shaane, a senior officer with MTDC.

Meanwhile the special panel who ordered a dal khichadi posing as guests were shocked to find it not only tasty but decorative enough when served. “The khichadi was so good that we repeated the order thrice and after having a sumptous meal decided to sack Saawan so that such mistakes don’t happen in future,” said a member of the panel requesting anonymity.