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New video game to allow full-grown adults to act, play, behave like kids and toddlers

06, May 2017 By Ajinkya Lakhepatil

Bengaluru/White city: Well, are you tired of behaving and acting like adults? And do you miss being kid when everything is forgiven? If you do feel same, It seems like your dreams have come true. Start-up from Bengaluru is about to launch a new android based game namely “let’s kid”. Now the fully grown adults can relax and become a child again, at least via this game.

Speaking at an conference in Bengaluru,one of the developers of this game told reporters, “Yes this game can bring new Revolution. All adults tend to be complex and sophisticated. They miss the simplicity. If we see around what we notice? The toddlers below 3 years are the most happy people. So We decided to allow adults to act like toddlers via this game. Now the adults too can finally have fun and the peace that any toddler can easily experience.”

When asked about features of the game, one of developers hurriedly continued, “We provide classic scenarios to players where it gives immense joy of being kid. One situation allows the player to fall asleep anywhere in the home and wake up in the bed after gently carried out to bed. Other situation allows the player to cry out loud when player’s demand for toys is not fulfilled and smiling aloud after the toy is given to the player. The player can openly enjoy playing with many inexpensive toy cars and talking incomplete sentences and still getting understood.”

Reportedly the game has many other scenarios where being childish is cherished and each kid-player is awarded points for acting like child. The free-to-play game will be available on playstore. The kid game will also be developed for Apple platform soon.