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Nirav Modi agreed to give 11 crore to Priyanka, saying female actress should not be discriminated in scam cuts too

01, Mar 2018 By astha@20

Mumbai: Nirav name needs no introduction now. Nirav used to be very popular among the high class socitey. But the middle class people only used to click pictures outside the stores, because they cant afford to even breathe inside the store. But now Nirav has gained his popularity among all the classes of the socitey.

Partners in crime
Partners in crime

Priyanka Chopra, on listening regarding all the allegation put on Modi’s name, decided to immediately react on the situtaion. She felt like being paid too less for the brand when she listenened 11000 crore is the figure of scam. She immediatley called Nirav’s staff and asked to terminate all the contracts. Nirav got worried, as he knows he can go away with a fraud, but losing a actress is a huge loss.

Taking an immediate action he called Priyanka saying he will give 11 crore, 0.1% of the scam cut. He also called a press conference telling the world how he never discriminates between male and female actress, and also how much his relations with the film industry matters to him. Listening to this, all the high profiled actors gathered in his house and were seem defending him in media. “Its just a matter of 11000 crore, we can easily collect this money from Middle-class people, by increasing taxes”, said Abhishek Bachchan to the media.

Nirav was seen enjoying a glamorous party at his farm house to celebrate this. While Priyanka Chopra was the show stopper for that party, Katrina was seen following Nirav everywhere.