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Ola teams up with Microsoft, every cab booking to come with copy of ‘Windows 95’

10, Nov 2017 By Janardhan Pashupati

BANGALORE- In a power move that showed that Ola, the popular cab hiring service and app, is a serious contender for Uber, its larger American competitor, both in India and abroad, Ola tied up with Microsoft to work together to bring a copy of ‘Windows 95’ to every man, woman and cab driver on the service.

Calling it “a revolutionary move that would put us at the cutting edge of innovation”, Ola CEO thanked Satya Nadella for the thousands of free copies that he had made available to them, for some mysterious reason, immediately available from Microsoft’s warehouses.

“A CD-ROM may not feel the best way to distribute Microsoft 95, but we felt a pang of nostalgia, a desire to go back to the days when Microsoft was an industry leader and a brand name that meant something, as opposed to a company desperately trying not to be pushed into oblivion” said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

“This classic offering of our best product comes with that old feeling of having to actually open a bulky CD-box, that musty smell of collected dust and the joy of having to clean the disk and find a slot to make sure it would work.”

With this move, Mr. Nadella hoped everyone would forget that “Nokia” thing, whatever it was, and ended by angrily shouting that the Zune came before the iPod!