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Patanjali to launch "Sanskari" Short skirts

14, Sep 2016 By Akshaykumar Sirsalewala

After launching Swadeshi jeans a couple of days back, Ramdev Baba’s Patanjali has rocked the fashion world yet again. In an unprecedented move, it has decided to launch “Sanskari short skirts”.

“Although the invention of the mini-skirt dates way back to 1960, no major Indian company manufactures it. My fight is against foreign companies trying to take over our economy”, exclaimed Baba, with his followers chanting “Bharat Mata ki jai” in the background. When probed on the conglomerate’s future plans, the Patanjali CEO said they were researching to launch a rocket to Mars.

Sanskari Skirt by Baba Ramdev: Mini skirts become Long skirts when meeting your elders
Sanskari Skirt by Baba Ramdev: Mini skirts become Long skirts when meeting your elders

Baba was in Amsterdam for a Satsang, promoting “high” quality of life when this idea struck him. I was teaching floor work to the bhakts when a lady caught my attention. She was wearing a short skirt and I realized, not only does it look comfortable, but also is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. What it needs is an Indian touch.

As per our insiders, the skirts will come in a variety of colors with the majority being in saffron. The company is in talks with Radhe Maa to become the brand ambassador. Radhe Maa’s team confirmed the news, saying remuneration received will go to the “Being Human” foundation, which is known for its philanthropy. We were lucky to catch Sallu Bhai just getting into the car after a shoot for PETA. He thanked Radhe Ma for the donation, stating that Being Human is in talks with lawyers to open a new NGO. This organization will enable poor, underprivileged people to fight cases in courts, so that no one is denied justice.

There has also been an announcement of a promotional offer to give the enterprise an initial push. Buy 2 shorts skirts and get 1 dupatta free. “Dupatta is a must. It is a part of our culture” said Mr. Pankaj Nihalani, Patanjali’s Ethical Business Department head.

In the end, Baba stroking his beard, spoke words which are sure to inspire an entire generation. “Till now only ladies in urban cities have been able to wear mini-skirts. I think it is time to change. We want the entire world to know how modern we have become, while still respecting Indian traditions. Why should western women have all the fun?”