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Private sector firms to remove death from reasons for taking leave

07, Dec 2013 By Vaibhav Anand

Mumbai: A clutch of private sector firms have recently put in a petition to the Ministry of Human Resource Development to allow them to reject death as a possible reason for taking leave. Most of these firms were rated highly on the “Great Places to Work survey” conducted for the year.

Over motivated employee.
 Because company owns employee body and soul both.

“We spend a lot of money on air tickets, cabs and biscuits to send our HR people to B-school campuses to hire people,” said Bhooleshwar Gupta, a senior HR executive in an MNC company- part of the consortium of companies that petitioned the ministry.

“I myself visit about 20 campuses and it is bloody costly. Plus, then we end up paying a lot of money to these MBA grads. We have always had a clause in our placement offers that when someone signs up for a job for us at a package of ten lakhs or more, not just his body, but his soul works for us too. So death should not really be an issue because aatma amar hai. We are going to activate this clause now.”

“Look at this man,” Mr. Gupta said, referring to the corpse of a man sitting in upright position in a chair behind him, “he might be in rigor mortis but he is in office. That is what matters. That is what makes this a great place to work.”

Somewhere behind him, a man was overheard shouting on his phone, “What do you mean he is the ICU? I need that spreadsheet right now. Let me speak to the doctor!”