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RBI decides to make counting upto 1 lakh a part of its recruitment test, after its inability to count currency notes post Demonetization

26, Jun 2017 By zhootareportor

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has decided to include “Test of Counting” as a compulsory skill as part of its recruitment test for officers and clerical staff in future. This will be in addition to Test of Reasoning. English, Maths and General Knowledge, which forms part of recruitment. Facing criticism over its inability to provide an exact count of number of currency notes deposited post Demonetization, RBI has decided to take this step.

Its all about Money Game
Its all about Money Game

As part of this test, it will be compulsory for every applicant to count upto 1 lakh. To ensure that application not just count correctly upto 1 lakh ,but count within a given time frame, RBI is planning to develop a lenthy songs on the line of “Breathless” song  of Shankar Mahadevan. All applicants are expected to count upto 1 lakh breathless, which is the idea behind this test. RBI wants to silence its’ critics who have questioned its ability to count all notes surrendered in the country post Demonetization.

All those candidates who pass this test will be taken to currency chest of RBI and will be asked to do the same activity with remaining currency notes, which RBI has failed to count till now, which were submitted post Demonetization. RBI also feels that this move will help the central banker build a resource equipped with the capability to handle all future demonetization move. RBI wants to convert a “Black Swan” event like Demonetization as a normal event, with this move. It is heard that the Office of the Registrar General & Census Commissioner, India has asked the RBI to allow them to use this resource in national population census in 2021 when more than 130 billion heads have to be counted.