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Reliance Jio extends welcome offer till Judgement day

03, Apr 2017 By Romit Bose

Mumbai. In an unprecedented move, Mukesh Ambani owned Reliance Jio announced that they would extend their welcome offer, which allows user get unlimited data and make unlimited calls, yet another time. Initially the free period was supposed to end on March 31, 2017. However, Mr. Ambani made an announcement that the same offer would be extended till the Judgement Day.

Instead of making new announcement every six months, Mukesh Ambani finally says, "Its till Judgement Day"
Instead of making new announcement every six months, Mukesh Ambani finally says, “Its till Judgement Day”

This news wreaked havoc in the telecom market. Although Vodafone didn’t come out with an official statement, a board member of Vodafone on condition of anonymity informed that an emergency board meeting has been called to decide future scope of action. Of the possible choices, the leading choice has been to liquidate all assets and channelize the proceeds into developing illegal torrent infrastructure, since without any limitation on data anymore, most users are likely to start downloading stuff like crazy.

Airtel is learnt to have started collaborating with ISRO, NASA and famous astrologers from across the globe to arrive at a probable date when the world will come to an end, so that they can prepare their business strategy and suitable plans to complete, once Reliance Jio’s plan finally becomes paid.

It is understood that the current man-made problems like global warming being taken care, the earth is scheduled for anihilation in about 6 billion years. Current set of jio users are thus fairly happy knowing that they have a lot of time to enjoy free data before the free period ends. However,  there has been widespread confusion among users around compensation/refund policies if the world suddenly comes to an end due to events like an asteroid impact or alien invasion.

At the time of writing this news, we haven’t received an official response from Jio for this query.