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Salesmen working in malls to get trained in adjectives for understanding shopping women better

09, Feb 2016 By Beer & Biryani

Mumbai. In an innovative move, Shopping Malls Association of India (SMAI) has reportedly decided to impart adjectives training for salesmen so that they understand customer’s needs better and improve sales.

Women getting ready to bombard adjectives on sales guys.
Women getting ready to bombard adjectives on sales guys.

Speaking to Faking News, SMAI spokesperson Mr. Sareewala said, “As you might already be aware, majority of shopping mall customers are women. Our focus has always been improving sales in the women’s category and for this, we try and adopt different techniques. This year we are planning to impart adjectives training for our salesmen. Saleswomen, somehow, understand what women customers want and have always sold more stuff compared to men in sales category.”

“It has been observed that salesmen find it very difficult to understand complex adjectives women customers use to describe the Saree or dress they’re trying to buy. Adjectives like garish, lurid, gaudy, drab, ostentatious, urbane, suave, brassy etc. are some of the most frequent words expressed by women when salesmen present clothes to them. After listening to these, clueless salesmen pick up random stuff from the racks and irk customers. We’ve received several complaints, especially from the metropolitan cities which is the reason why we’re planning to train our sales force”, ended Mr. Sareewala.

Some of the malls have decided not to follow SMAI and instead dole out copies of pocket Thesaurus to tackle grammar Nazi customers. According to them, training sales force is a royal waste of time which could be invested in other profitable areas.

Sources say that sales force unions have opposed the training idea and are seeking ban on women reading too many novels from entering the malls to deal with the issue of adjectives.