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Sensing opportunity in sixteen for sex, Sunny Leone launches Pre-school chain

15, Mar 2013 By Dharmesh Sharma

In the middle of her already bright career shining in open, Sunny Leone decided to diversify. In a well managed press conference she announced her plan to launch pre-school chain, which immediately had reporters scratch their heads, including her mentor Mr Bhatt.

“Was this sudden, or it’s a just that BPTTS (Beauty Pageant’s Temporary Teresa Syndrome)?” to which she sighed multiple times very deeply and gave a long pause with bright smile. Mr Bhatt chipped in saying, “It is obvious for Ms Sunny to diversify horizontally.

Sunny Leone
After helping the current generation, Sunny Leone is all set to help the future generations.

After all we are living in a male chauvinistic society where Rishi Kapoor can still appear for his board exams but Neetu Singh is not considered even for an elder sister’s role. This sick mentality has forced our beloved Ms Sunny to plan for an alternate career. And here comes her Pre-School chain – “Silent Stars”.

“But why the Pre School? From ‘Adults only’ to ‘Children only’? I mean why changing focus so drastically?” Faking News reporter asked gulping the samosa down.

As Ms Sunny started to bite her lips again, Mr Bhatt explained, “South Virginia Research Center has come out with a study proving that around 93% of Adults were child at some point in their lives, so it makes sense catching them young?”

“But since government has lowered the age for consensual sex, widening up market for your movies, why to venture into this?” to which Bhatt said, “See ours is a conservative society, parental pressure and those highly dangerous “Sanskaar” etc are still holding back youths from this adventure. With enlightened people like us in their lives so early would help them break the mental blocks.”

“We have already started printing our own text books”, he said waving a think book titled – “Sans The Sanskaars”.

Ms Sunny started singing – Twinkle Twinkle little star, Let’s forget all sanskaar We and adults are at par, Why to wait till Sixteen yaar

“For the rest of learning please do not forget to collect admission cards for your children. Already so many of them including many adults have sent applications. Remember there is no legal lowest age for pre-school,” Mr Bhatt winked winding up the conference.