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Techie writing program for continuously eighteen hours unable to move his wrists, Colleagues compare him to a Zombie

12, Dec 2016 By sameer mahawar

Bengaluru. Dishant Kumar, an associate programmer working in Girpado Technologies complained his mates that he was not able to move his wrists as he sat with his hands working on keyboard for last eighteen hours.

Nandan Befikre, who is Dishant’s manager, had promised his client that they will deliver the required solution to their problem within 24 hours.

18 hours of work can make you zombie
This Zombie hand  represents my boss saying that he will eat me if I don’t meet the deadline. I didn’t know that meeting the deadline would make me a Zombie.

But unexpectedly, the code that needed to be written wasn’t available on Google anywhere. So, Dishant had to use his brains for the first time since last two years to justify his role in the job.

Dishant told us his story and said, “Usually, I used to leave by 7 so as to reach home by 12. But that evening, a client raised a ticket during late hours. My Manager asked me to work for few more hours against which I will be given comp-off for not working on New Year. I agreed to this and started working on it.”

“First of all, I googled for the solution. Even after navigating to 10th page of the search result, I couldn’t find any useful link. Even my manager, who has 6 years of experience in googling the codes couldn’t find it anywhere on the internet. Then I decided to write the program by myself. During testing, the program failed for thousands of time. A bug kept on repeating itself in loop. By the time I finished the program, it was already 4 in the morning” added Dishant.

“After that I tried to move my wrists. They, along with my body, got stiffed as I didn’t move from my original position till the program was completed. I told this thing to fellow mates who were working in night shift. Suddenly they got sacred and thought that I am a zombie as I was walking like it and ran away.”

One of the colleague said, “I got scared when he told us that he has been working since last eighteen hours. Everyone here can’t work for more than 16 hours a day due to strict HR policy. But this guy has broken the records by being sleep deprived. His sound was heavier than usual. He couldn’t move his neck and wrists. We got scared and ran faster than we run away from responsibilities.”