Wednesday, 17th July, 2019

Try trade by old Barter system

09, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: When the barter system was avoided by the trading organism, there was developed a lot of problems. Although the politicians still resort to this scheme for their benefits yet the reliability of the barter system has not grown fainter at the business level. The barter system was the most sought after dealing in the past days. Everyone was free to acquire items of one’s liking or need. It was never thought whether the commodities put for instant exchange were more valuable than those received in the exchange. That was the basic theory of the human’s requirements. No share market, no banking and no hoarding pervaded at those ages of the tension-free living.

How honest were the early men in the ancient age! Our clever politicians know ably where they can use exactly the barter for their meaningful purposes. Currently, this basic simple principle is supposed to be applied in the Upper House elections. The politicians seem to have calculated their motives and they are very positive of sailing through the barter policy. It is they who understand the value of very old concepts. They also presume how it can be applied if the situation gets a little trickier in the voting process.

Now, the counties bearing the brunt of trade sanctions and also aspiring for promoting its trade in the international market efficiently are using the barter system. Recently a deal between Indonesia Company and Russian Conglomerate is a glaring example of this insight which definitely paves the way for the exchange of certain commodities and products. One will accept superior bomber jets for varied commodities like palm oil, coffee and tea. This barter under the direction of both the countries will cover the exchange of eleven Sukhoi-35 jets and a number of Indonesian exports, starting from palm oil, tea, coffee and strategic defence types of equipment.