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Vanwallahs leave students in lurch

20, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: When the serious talk goes on the careless manner of the private carriers carrying the different age group students to various schools, there appears to be no initiation of the significant positive steps on the part of the authorities concerned. Neither the school authorities come forward in bringing improvements in the worse situation nor do the administrative authorities find time to take necessary action in the interest of the students as well as the parents. Only debates and talks continue on important stages. However, it is tough to expect about positive actions.

The Vanwallahs generally follow their own rules. They decided in their group of the ways and force the parents to accept them at all costs. They only consider of the monthly fare like the private schools’ concern of the quarterly fee payment within the stipulated time. The van drivers start claiming of the periodical fare within the month and do not stop demand till the day they received the agreed amount. They show the least concern over punctuality in carrying the wards to the schools.

The guardians’ anger rises at its crescendo when these irresponsible carriers do not show urgency at the examination time. The parents hire them for the convenience but their indifferent stance makes them furious. Recently a Vanwallah did not turn up on the examination day causing the class 12th student much trouble. She waited for the time but the van did not arrive at her residence. Anyhow she had to take other’s help for attending the school. What made her more disturbing was the Vanwallah’s mobile was off in the morning. Such is the negligent attitude which merely leaves parents and students fuming. In case the private carriers’ detailed information is maintained at the school, it can be hauled over the coals. Otherwise, there will come no change in the stand, so feel the disturbed parents.