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Vishal Sikka is upset with the meager 725% hike he has got, upload his CV to

25, May 2016 By dasu

Though the majority of IT engineers are happy to get 7% hike in this recession period, the man of the moment Vishal Sikka is upset with the 7 times hike he has got in last financial year.

Vishal Sikka, true his name believes in Big Money. While speaking to our reporter, Mr. Sikka told, “I do not want good hike for myself only, I have gone out of my way to give 9% hike to top performers at Infosys. Freshers cannot say their package is 3 lakh. I have done correction after 10 years. It will be 3.05 lakh from this year”.

Vishal Sikka not happy
“We IT people are used to of peanuts. We can’t digest almonds”, Vishal Sikka explaining his unhappiness

Mr. Sikka added “Not only that, I fought with my fellow board members to give at least 10 paisa more per share as dividend this year over last year. But the majority prevailed and now they have cut dividend amount and told me after paying you so much, we are not left with surplus to increase dividend amount”.

“First of all, I do not think 725% hike that Infosys has given me is anything great for what all I have done for the company. The biggest issue of NRN time was wearing tie was compulsory. I have removed that. It saves at least 10 minutes of productive time for innovation for those who wash their tie every week as they have put the knot again. Quarterly basis company profit has gone up by 700 crores during my period. For 700 crores I got for the company, they are giving me only 40 crores of hike. How can one justify this? ”, said Mr. Sikka.

“Like any normal IT engineer I cannot ask for onsite posting as I am already settled in US. With this meager hike I could have managed had I gone back to India as there are Amma Canteens where you get idly for one rupee and meals for five rupees. In India even if your salary has gone up by few times over a period, there is no need for you to give ten percent hike to your maid. Unfortunately I cannot go back to India because unlike Chetan’s Bhagat’s kids, my kids can not adjust there”, said Mr. Sikka.

When we asked is there a way someone with this kind of salary will get a call, Mr. Sikka told, “Do you think Infosys guys were fools when they called me. I have full faith in the system, someone with a better package will come to me soon”.