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WhatsApp strikes billion dollar deals with Indian IT firms

17, Jun 2014 By hary

Technology is the word of this century with inventions and innovations taking its toll every day. Indian IT companies have successfully put enough handkerchiefs on the seats to reserve for a permanent place in the Technology market.

Secret Vault

Statistics reveal that next to Usain Bolt’s 100m dash, the biggest race in the world is between the IT firms in India on who bags the cheapest outsourcing deals. And in pursuit are biggies: TCS, Infosys, HCL, CTS, IBM and so on. The CEOs leading these companies have taken lessons from Amish Tripati on learning new Business Mantras to compete in this mad rush.

With each of the IT companies in India recruiting freshers faster than Taliban recruiting suicide bombers, monitoring the activities of employees has become the prime task of the management.

Senior Managers are requested to moonlight their duties along with monitoring the employees for not wasting much on idle time. The “Bell Curve” which is extensively used in employee appraisal is being twigged to match the company’s productivity to that of employees’ contribution.

By combining Pythagoras theorem along with Einstein’s formula, the traditional Management formula has been altered:

Former “Company (A) productivity = 10 hours’ work + Secret firing”

Now “Company (A) productivity = Decrease in Idle time + Bulk firing + Increase in Higher management Salary”.

The bosses of IT companies met on June 10 and the study reveals that 73% of the employees are extensive WhatsApp users. The impromptu decision was to strike an undisclosed deal with WhatsApp, which will now be the business partner of majority of IT companies.

“The Last seen” option will be optimized to track the idle time moments of the employees, where the stats will be populated and analyzed. For instance, the normal working hours is “09:00am – 07:00pm” and the “last seen” option will pull information from WhatsApp users to the central database of the companies for analyzing the employees who spend more time in WhatsApp.

Talking to FN, a grim IT professional says, “All these days we were worried about the company tracking us through office communicator, now WhatsApp as well. We are not sure to uninstall or not.”

This revolutionary move will be used to increase company’s productivity says a leading CEO who wishes to be anonymous. Speaking to the press Mark Zuckerberg has promised the IT companies in maintaining confidentiality of the data and not post on his timeline.