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20 sacked for saying dialogue "My business is my business none of your business" to the boss

15, Jun 2018 By astha@20

As the trailer of Race 3 came out, it hit the news globally. But this time it was not due to Salman but astonishingly on a different matter. The dialogue “My business is my business none of your business” was on everybody’s mouth.

You're sacked
You’re sacked!

It soon inundated over all the news channel. Though, Slaman’s fans were a bit disappointed that the dialogue overshadowed his stellar performance in the trailer but even they could not resist it.

The effect of the dialogue was visible even in IT industry. All the office’s gossips included a long discussion about it. But hardly did they know how fatal it is going to be. All over India, twenty IT professionals who used this with their manager unbeknownst of what is going to follow next. The manager, filled with anger, asked for their termination for such disgrace, right at the moment.

Before they could realise what just happened, they had lost their jobs, their only source of gossips and timepass, because of a dialogue. There is news that the number is higher than shown.

On talking to Faking News reporter, Ali, who has also lost his job, said “My business is my business, none of your business”.