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After success of Airlift and Neerja, Vijay Mallya plans to rent out unused Kingfisher aircrafts for upcoming aviation based movies

22, Feb 2016 By ankush3

Hope reinstalled!
Hope reinstalled for ‘some’ revenue.

Kingfisher airlines owner Vijay Mallya is now planning to start a new firm which will provide unused kingfisher aircrafts to upcoming Bollywood aviation based movies on rent. Mallya took this decision after seeing the success of movies like Neerja and Airlift.

Vijay Mallya confirmed the news and had a chat with our reporters. He said, “Currently this is the only way to generate revenue from this unused and rusting metal. We have come up with two packages. There is a standard package in which we provide only aircrafts on rent and then there is premium packages which will have air hostesses along with aircraft. This will also save producer’s time and money as we will provide them extra side actors”.

Some of the Bollywood producers are also planning to use these aircraft to replace vanity vans. One of the leading producers said, “We are planning to remove vanity vans by replacing them with single aircraft for entire cast in the shoot. This will save our money and the need of multiple vanity vans. This will also help us to maintain equality between the actors of different statures.