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Akshay Kumar to explore the difficulties of men in next movie - Condoman

21, Jan 2018 By electroman

After venturing in to a taboo subject regarding sanitary pads, Akshay Kumar will take up the difficulties of men in his next movie. He will address the difficulties men face while buying condoms from medical stores. The producers are still confused whether this movie comes under horror, comedy or tragedy category.

Men trying to buy condoms face issues everyday. They have to go to a unknown medical store where there are no girls working or old age aunties buying something. Also they have to lookout for the time wasting friend of the shop owner who keeps chatting with him for hours at a time all the while paying attention to what people are buying.

Also the store has to be located on a road which you frequently wont travel. It also should not have any of your friend’s or relative’s house nearby. Akshay Kumar will portray the lead role in which an Indian man will boldly buy a condom from a medical shop in broad daylight while 10 customers are surrounding him.

The censor board has recommended 234 cuts in the movie. It wants to censor all the places where the word condom is used. Also the title will be cut down to man.