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Akshay Kumar to get bravery award for doing so many patriotic movies

22, Oct 2016 By jatinhumbal

Mumbai. As per an official note from government of India they have decided to give national bravery award to Akshay Kumar for working in all patriotic movies and always being on time to release same on independent day and republic day which helped a lot to India and also inspired many people to love India.

An Airforce commander, an army, a businessman, a raw agent: All in one patriot of the country, Akshay Kumar
An Airforce commander, an army, a businessman, a raw agent, a dedicated husband: All in one patriot of the country, Akshay Kumar

In recent times he helped country in many ways, starting from movie Holiday where he caught and destroyed the sleeper cell network followed by Baby where he captured terrorists from abroad and made India proud. Even as a business man in airlift he helped many people to rescue from the war zone.

Actor says in talk with our reporter, he is very happy that his hard work paid off and he will always help country by doing roles of army man and later also confirms that he has booked dates for 15th august and 26th January for next few years in order to serve nation better and releasing nationalist movies.

Fans of actor are also very happy with the decision of government and they will also support him by watching his movies blindly. One of the fan said, “Akshay sir is a great inspiration, I never loved my country before but after watching his movies I posted several posts on Facebook in support of India and also fought with people in comments who tried to say anything against India”.

Meanwhile different political parties have different opinion on this award to Akshay. Congress blames BJP that there are many actors in minority but in BJP government they are ignored, mentioning Salaman Khan has won gold medal in Olympic for India in sultan and Shahrukh Khan helped Women’s hockey team to win world cup.

AAP spokesperson said they would need proof for Akshay’s love for the country.