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Anna Hazare to act as a statue in an upcoming Hollywood movie

04, Apr 2014 By dexter73

Mr. Hazare has accepted to act as a statue in an upcoming Hollywood block-buster movie, confirmed sources. His steady smiling visuals will be shot in the background during several scenes of the movie; including action, love scenes, music, etc.

Anna Hazare
Man of the moment.

It will also be shown before and after the interval sessions. His visuals are also expected to appear suddenly to confuse people in between scenes. Sources also told this reporter that talks are going on with Mr. Manmohan Singh, the prime minister of India, to feature in this movie. In such a case, it is expected that the visuals will be shown randomly, one appearing after the other.  Some scenes will purportedly feature Mr. Anna Hazare slowly waving his hands especially when people are leaving the theater. Mr Hazare said in a conversation to us that he is very excited about the new movie.

“I am very happy that I am acting in this new movie. I believe it will herald a new beginning in the field of cinematography”

He confirmed that although he had several offers, he sent 7 questions to producers and directors before choosing. Only one had answered his queries sufficiently, said Mr. Hazare.  His most important question was whether he was allowed to squash a mosquito if happens to land on his face during the shooting. He claimed that most of the directors were thrown into deep thought after this pointed question.

Sirf eek he Director tha jo is sawal ka jawab dhiya”. It is learnt that a LOL-pal agreement has been signed by Anna which will allow him to discreetly fan his nostrils to drive away the mosquito.

Mr. Hazare said that he will never act as a statue with other producers and directors as a mark of protest. He further stated that he is confident of winning this year’s Oscar.

Bilkul, mujhe Oscar milega” said Mr. Hazare with his usual gleam.