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Anoop Jalota signed for Kamasutra 2 after makers watch big boss

25, Sep 2018 By chetna chauhan

Bhajan singer Anoop Jalota has mesmerized the makers of cult movie Kamasutra. The producers have approached him for the sequel of the movie. According to faking news reporter, the producer of the movie Mr. Marley has announced this decision after watching the first episode of big boss season 12. In an interview with Mr. Marley said “for very long we were looking for a fresh face who can inspire the young generation. The movie has been pending for long for the reason that we did not find any talented artist. Finally, the wait is over. Compared to others, Anoop Jalota has a unique youthful spark. This spark will surge the heartbeats of women and bring them to theaters.”Anup Jalota

Not to mention, the makers admired the way in which Anoop Jalota co-create music with his student Jasleen Matharu. Additionally, they said that the film is certainly going to be a blockbuster because of his chemistry with females. Anoop Jalota, who disguised himself as a Bhajan singer will prove to be a gem in the long run. Besides, the makers also thanked his girlfriend Jasleen who exposed his real talent in public incidentally.

Anoop Jalota is the new buzz in the town

According to a report published by faking news, several celebrities have admired Anoop Jalota. Salim Khan was spotted telling his son Salman, “you should learn the art from him.” In fact many actresses in the B-town expressed their desire on Twitter to be paired opposite to Mr. Jalota. In a press conference, Kabir Bedi admitted of finally having a competitor. A famous actress told the faking news reporter on the condition of not revealing the name, “I have a crush on Anoopji. I wish he was single.”

Anoop Jalota is the new sensation in the nation. Students have taken up research projects on Mr. Jalota and he is trending in searches on the internet. Playboy magazine chairperson has hinted of carrying out a photoshoot with Mr. Jalota for the magazine cover for Autumn season.