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Arya Stark sails west of Westeros, lands up in India

03, Jun 2019 By Srivy Anand

Arya set sail in a quest to find what is west of Westeros after innumerable battles and a state of unrest finally came to an end. Many theorists believing in the round earth philosophy prophesied that she would end up at the east of Essos.

Our correspondent jhand_patrakaar reported that Arya hit the shores of India couple of weeks ago. Ever since, she’s been on an expedition to all kingdoms of India in an attempt to learn the laws of the land.arya-stark-faceless-disguise-night-king-battle-of-winterfell-1556674610

She witnessed the long nights but of a different kind when she initially put up in an engineering students hostel during their final examinations.

She was amazed how even they were used to taking their last semester lightly.

Arya also attended a local wedding dressed in a red Anarkali dress. She nearly scared the groom’s family when she handed over a ₹501 envelope as per the social convention but suddenly stepped aside to whisper “Starks send their regards”.

Arya was surprised how people had the freedom to chose their ruler in these lands. She felt guilty that back in Westeros, she along with the council of Lords shot down Lord Samwell Tarly’s idea of democracy.

She met King Modi, first of his name, protector of the realm (on cloudy days) and the ruler of 36 kingdoms. Arya seemed at home since King Modi was also an adventurer who had undertaken 41 visits to foreign lands in the last 5 seasons.

Arya headed East where she saw that Queen Daenerys had found an uncanny follower in Lady Mamta – the ruler of the Bengal who has been developing a taste for burning enemies and citizens when they don’t toe her line.

Lord Kejriwal, last of his name, the burnt and breaker of dharna claimed that his life was under threat and therefore couldn’t meet Arya in person. But instead, he sent his handsome raven – Ser Manish Sisodia to meet her.

They tried to get Lady Sansa’s contact details to understand how Winterfell successfully obtained autonomous statehood.

In wake of the recent political developments, Lord Rahul, the third of his name, the prince who was promised and the leader of Mahagathbandhan has supposedly made inquiries for a one way trip to Westeros. It has been reported that Arya has already handed out a map to Westeros and coins to fund his journey.

Ser Arnab claimed on his prime-time news show that it’s in line with the prophecy deeming Lord Rahul as the bearer of green eyes – whom Arya is supposed to knock off.

After rigorous training for hours under Maester Ramdev baba and Lord Yogi of UP, it has come to light that she has expressed interest in sailing back to Westeros and set up a Westerosi branch of Arya Samaj.