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Bahubali approached by Indian Olympic association and Zandu Balm

21, Jul 2015 By रामु काका

After becoming an international hit, new problem have arisen in the life of Bahubali. It is learnt that, Bahubali is being harassed by many brand managers and officials from different institutions.

Like for example, Shahnaz Husain is apparently very impressed with make-up skills of Bahubali in the movie. She wants to file the patient of underwater tattooing process and hire him as chief artist. She even wants to team up with Shiamak Dawar and Poonam Pandey for innovative plan where in you can get your make-up done while simultaneously doing a dance as well as striptease. First such facility will come up in Select City Walk.

Amitabh Bachchan wants Bahubali to be part of Kabaddi team owned by Junior B. Speaking to us; he told “Kabaddi now remains only chance of glory for my son. And having Bahubali on our side, we will definitely defend our title this time too.” Other teams are mulling option of recruiting BhallalaDeva owing to his super performance against wild bull, very much needed skill for Kabaddi.

Bahubali will be seen in so many advertisements that you will no more be interested in watching its second part!
Bahubali will be seen in so many advertisements that you will no more be interested in watching its second part!

Indian Olympic association is another hopeful of wooing Bahubali. They want him to be the part of Indian Weightlifting team. Spokesperson told us on the condition of anonymity, “After Malleshwari, India didn’t taste any success in this sports category. Bahubali is our last hope to score a gold in Olympic 2020; Jai Mahishwari!”

Zandu Balm and Moov, both are vying for making Bahubali their brand ambassador. Having lifted such a heavy Shivlinga without any pain in his ‘Kamar’, he fits in our brand massage seamlessly. Cola brand, Thumps up too is trying to have Bahubali on board. Spokesperson said,” Salman and Akshay Kumar do normal Helicopter stunts; Bahubali brings in real emotion of ‘Aaj kuchh toofani karte hain’ by climbing impossible waterfalls or saving a girl from Avalanche or doing underwater tattooing. It’s a refreshing change. And going shirtless is bonus too”

In a latest development, Khangress with its usual crazy logic has claimed that it is the reason behind astounding success of Bahubali. It backs its claim saying Bahu Bali means the one with arms power or may be Hand power. And Hand being election symbol for us, credit is due to us. Amul baby even demanded that movie producers give some part of their profits for women empowerment and such just causes. NCP supremo Sarad Pawar downplayed the whole thing saying that movie is inspired by their leader Magan Bhujbal; Bahu Bali loosely translating to Bhujbal in Marathi language. He told that there is lot of similarity between Magan Bhujbal and Bahubali movie. Both made 300 crs in a matter of 2-3 days.

Meanwhile it is learnt that Bahubali actors and director are being invited on Times Cow channel for interview with Arnub Cowswami. For the first time real question which India really wants to know would be taken up.

Why kattappa killed Bahubali?

Many wild guesses are being made about the answer. Some said that he killed Bahubali since Bahubali sent candy crush saga request to Kattappa daily. Some said Good morning messages posted by Bahubali on his facebook wall annoyed Kattappa. Some said that Bahubali unnecessarily tagged Kattappa in a photo where he was drinking madira with friends when Kattappa has lied to his wife that he is on some war duty. A Bangalore based techie harmed a guess that even after tasting food served to Kattappa and team, Bahubali did not change the menu and caterer. But this seems to be a case of ascribing his emotional frustration on Kattappa rather than a probable reason.

But our internal sources tell us that new tensions have cropped up in director Rajamouli’s life after part 1 got such huge response. Director is apparently worried that CID team of ACP Pradyuman and Daya might take up case and solve it before next part of movie is released. We shouldn’t have listened to Ekta Kapoor. Her idea of leaving suspense at the end might backfire us.

Rajamouli has also learned many Hindi words after movie became super hit across length and breadth of India. Many fans in Delhi have called him and told, “Sir Movie dekh ke toh bada maja aaya lekin end mein KLPD ho gaya”. Oxford dictionary have also updated meaning of KLPD in the records. Now it says, KLPD is the name given to feeling which emanates when you see the last frame of Bahubali movie.

Ok, we will also end this article abruptly same as movie. Do read part 2 when it comes!