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Bhai fans sign petition for international immunity

16, Apr 2018 By Viraj Sawant

Exasperated by their idol moving in and out of jail unreasonably, Bhai fans have initiated the signing of a petition to acquire international immunity for him from all offences.

Bhai's unbeatable fan club
Bhai’s unbeatable fan club

With 36 million followers on Facebook and 32 million followers on Twitter, Bhai isn’t just ruling the charts with his wooden acting prowess but also is a favourite on social media as well. Fans, mainly achieved by his humanitarian work, compassion towards animals and his unforgettable contribution to the world of cinema, have united this time for their superstar to bring about a massive revolution in international politics. Bhai Bandra, Kurla & Mumbra fans, Bhai Fan Club Bangladesh, Bhai super hero fans club, Bhai FC, Bhaijaan Group and many more groups have come together to bring this agreement on table with the United Nations.

The petition demands:

  1. Immunity for Bhai at every adda, mohallah, galli, state, country and every continent from all crimes
  2. No arrest-and-bail theatricals
  3. Exemption from drunk driving
  4. Special privilege for hunting
  5. Immediate transfer of judge, lawyer, police or citizen to space, in case of any predicament

Bhai fans believe that this petition will bring about drastic changes in the world dynamics, resulting in world peace with their Superstar spearheading the movement. With the signed petitions, they are gearing up for a peace march from Bandstand, Bandra to the United Nations headquarters, New York City. They eagerly look forward to making a thunderous entry in Manhattan with a power packed performance to the song, Superman Salman Ka Fan. 

A staunch fan was heard saying, “We can do anything for Bhai. Bhai is our God. There is nobody as noble, righteous and chaste than him. We pray day and night for his well, being and we are sure the United Nations too will grant him the international immunity as soon as they watch his films.”