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Bhai fans will not eat Biryani after Shahrukh Khan gets doctorate

27, Dec 2016 By khakshar

Shahrukh Khan has received honorary doctorate at a convocation of Maulana Azad National Urdu University. President conferred him with the degree. It was for his extraordinary contribution in the promotion of Urdu language and culture. Further Shahrukh Khan was quite graceful in accepting the degree. He waved his arms in all directions. He even took a leaf out of Modi Ji’s speeches. As a result he found his long lost relation with Hyderabad and Urdu.

Bhai Fans on roads of Hyderabad
Bhai Fans on roads of Hyderabad

Mumbai. As a result of Shahrukh Khan receiving the doctorate, much activity is observed at Mumbai. While Bhai himself did not react, his brothers were quick to respond. One said, “Why Shahrukh, even Saif deserved it better. Saif has popularized Urdu much more Shahrukh Khan. He has named his son which means so sweet Urdu. How can they forget the contribution of our father, the famous dialog writer. Of course, Bhai has done much more for Urdu. The university must remember, “Hum tum mein itne ched karenge… ki confuse ho jaoge ki saans kahan se lein. aur paadein kahan se”.

One of Salman’s fans by the name “One Tip One Hand” was in tears. He sobbed, “Bhai had even arranged his sister’s marriage at Hyderabad. We will now stop using Hyderabadi Urdu. All of his fans will not eat Biryani till the wrong is corrected. Bhai deserves it more than that anyone else. Hyderabad has gifted this to Bhai’s on his 61st birthday. It is like giving a gift to your neighbor’s son on your own son’s birthday.”

Meanwhile Dr. Shahrukh Khan’s fans are thumping chests. Some of them have turned into Shayars overnight. There is a sudden spurt in sales of books which teach alphabets of Urdu. Tons of  Chicken Biryani has been delivered in Mumbai. The dogs in Mumbai know where to collect the bones. It will be quite near Bhai’s house.