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Bhai's new trailer makes tubelights flicker while other gadgets bicker

29, May 2017 By Yashoj Meshram

Household appliances like fans, iron, TV, etc. are expressing their displeasure as Bhai chose to name his upcoming movie as Tubelight. On the release of Tubelight’s trailer, tubelights all over the country conveyed their happiness by way of flickering. However, other appliances seem to be hugely disappointed with the development.

Ms. Hawahawai, spokesperson of the Pan-India Association of Ceiling and Table Fans says, “We have always been more hard-working than the tubelights. Yet the society has never given us due importance. Fans are Bhai’s biggest fans and by naming his film as Tubelight, Bhai has betrayed us.”

Cold War between Hot Gadgets!

Mr. Cyrus Istry, leader of the All India Electric Iron Association, is leading irons all over the nation on a dharna. He believes that electric irons are way hotter than tubelights. Therefore, Bhai should have considered them while choosing the movie title, given Bhai’s hotness quotient.

Amidst all this hue and cry, Ms. Roshni Jaljale, who spearheads the All India Tubelight Association (AITA), says, “By choosing Tubelights over other appliances, Bhai has proved that Bhagwan ke ghar der hai andher nahin. We have always been avid admirers of Bhai’s skills, be it driving, shooting or celibacy.” In a display of support to Bhai, AITA directed tubelights in Vivek Oberoi’s house to stop functioning. Sources confirm that to this day, Vivek makes do with diyas in his house. A few tubelights went a step further and abstained from indulging in sexual relationship with any of the female light bulbs following Bhai’s footsteps, to stay a virgin. Ms. Jaljale happily opines, “Our sustained Bhai-worship has finally been rewarded.”

Start of a new trend?

Bhai has started a new trend of naming his films on everyday objects. It remains to be seen if other celebrities follow suit. Nevertheless, Cars and Guns are hopeful that Bhai would some day consider them while naming his movie titles, given the immense significance of both in Bhai’s adventurous life!