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BiggBoss plans to stop telecast in midst of earthquake warnings at big boss house

16, Dec 2017 By A Surfer

For the known reasons that there could be an earthquake in the area where the Bigg Boss house is located the meteorological department has told the Bigg Boss team to vacate from the same. Sighting that the Bigg Boss House for season 11 is built on soft soil and given its lavish interiors has been built only for its charm and not for the stability.

Though the viewers and the celebrity participants at the house have not yet been informed as per the information but the structural engineers have been  called to access the situation. With names like Shilpa Shinde, Hina Khan, Hiten Tejwani , Vikas Gupta and their fan base over 10 million all over India the there is a serious outrage situation that might be avoided.

The big hall and the sleeping area of the BiggBoss  season11 house are suggested to would be largely hit as there re no additional supporting arches to the dome. Though the contestants have been unaware of the facts as they are eagerly waiting for the Weekend Ka Vaar to see Salman.

There have been concerns that the contestants will be shifted to a smaller place than the current BiggBoss house for the limited period and also how all of them can be accommodated in a smaller rooms. The feasible solution for the current condition appears that all that all of them will be shifted to the Jail or a new camps in the outdoor as a task.

The CPPLUS cameras who are the main sponsors they may are already in talks with National Insurance for their loss of mileage incase such calamities happen.

For now there are no clear indications that the reports of earthquake are untrue but hopefully the fans may need to show some love for their stars well being. The temple nearby has said that the earthquake may be the effect of bad omen in the vicinity.