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Bollywood decides to raise their voice against Hollywood as US decides to ban Pakistan

31, Jan 2017 By AdityaSachan

Since the news came out about possibility of banning Pakistan for immigration by US Government, Bollywood’s ultra-modern and patriotic members have decided to raise their voice against Hollywood movies.

Bollywood shows solidarity
Bollywood shows solidarity

“Yes,this is true. We cannot tolerate US banning Pakistanis in their country. We have to support them as our brothers. We all know art has no religion. And if they are banned in US, it will deeply effect our profits”, confirms anonymous source.

On being questioned for no support to Jallikattu from Bollywood members. The anonymous person got furious.

“What do you want? We copy South Indian movies all the time and do not have much business for our movies there. Also we all are supporting Salman Bhai for ‘Being Innocent’ in Blackbuck case. How much more support should we show for animals? We are worried because if Pakistanis are banned in US, then Fawad Khan cannot shoot there”, anonymous person shouted and left tweeting.

“You need to understand. If Hollywood movies are banned, it will be so nationalistic for all of us. Then we can use their movie stories and make more copies for our country. It will be good adaptation. And also resolve ‘lack of story’ problem in our Bollywood movies. You see watching Korean movies and copying is very difficult task. We face language problem and not all the time English subtitles are available. That’s why sometimes Korean adaptation movies don’t do well. And all blame us for bad adaptation”, critically informs another movie critic.