Saturday, 25th January, 2020

Bollywood finds winning formula in propaganda films

25, Jan 2019 By electroman

Bollywood has finally found the success formula to get films in to the 100 crore club. After delivering world famous hit movies like Thugs and Zero, Bollywood was struggling to take back their investment. Not many movies are attaining 100cc status nowadays. Then came two movies that would change the way Bollywood operates. The Accidental Prime Minister and Uri.

These propaganda movies easily cruised in to the 100cc club without much difficulty. So the Bollywood producers finally learnt that Indian people don’t want religious harmony or Caste Equality or Gender equality etc. People just want to see some good old fashioned propaganda.

Now they are making more propaganda films about unemployment, Farmer issues, Demonetization etc. Vivek Oberoi taking the lead in the unemployment film. He even set an example by coming out of unemployment by signing the film. This is working beautifully, you don’t have to attend to these social issues. All you have to do is make a propaganda film, and all the issues will be forgotten and the film producers will roll in money.

Patanjali will soon make a documentary about the healing powers of cow urine, which is also expected to join the 100cc. This formula has also affected Tollywood. Where their usual formula of including at least one Muslim character has been changed now. Bahubali 2 did not even need the token Muslim guy to win audience support.

In  older days you never get to see the government’s work for the people. Now you can watch it in 4K quality in multiplexes. Who cares if it actually happened or not.