Boney Kapoor and Ram Gopal Verma do PR stunt fight to promote each other's films

15, Oct 2014 By rmantha

A regular evening over drinks between old friends Ram Gopal Verma, Boney Kapoor and Sridevi, turned into a fantastic PR opportunity here in Mumbai last week.

One source who was at the gathering revealed all to the cynical affairs correspondent at Myfakingnews.

Apparently, after a few pegs, Ram Gopal Verma and Boney Kapoor decided to collaborate on promoting each other’s upcoming films.  RGV is doing “Sridevi” and Boney Kapoor is doing “Tevar”.

“I jokingly said to Ram that I was planning on calling my next film, “RGV, up yours”, because it is based on my wife Sridevi’s continual irritation with Ram showing his puppy love for her for years on end,” said Boney Kapoor.

“Instead, we called it Tevar, which means frown or grimace.”

Apparently, Ram Gopal Verma then had a brilliant idea.

He said to Boney “Yaar, lets do one thing.  I am going to rename my new film from Savithri to Sridevi.  Nobody remembers (yesteryear Telugu actress) Savithri anyway!  This will be brilliant PR on three separate planes.  First, my film Sridevi will get heaps of publicity.  Second, your film Tevar will also get lots of free promotion.  Third and most brilliant of all, Sridevi will come right back into the limelight even though she has nothing to do with either film!”

Hats off to the trio!

This story does not end here.  Watch for Sridevi’s next movie to be announced soon, and the promotional poster which will show her with a big frown on her face, and her tongue firmly in her cheek.